About me

Short Resume

  • Name: Karin Norr Eriksson
  • Date of birth: 25 February 1974
  • Address: Björkvägen 23, Huddinge
  • Phone: +46 70 305 05 71
  • E-mail: karin.norr.eriksson@swedol.se

Professional Profile

My ambition is to create killer visual and written web content in order to give the customer the best experience possible! Regardless if the customer is a co-worker visiting the intranet, a customer browsing the web site looking for information about the company or a specific product - every person has different information needs and I see it as my mission to figure them out.


Aug 2014-June 2015

University West

Web Developer

User-focused system design, Web development with HTML and CSS, Intranet/Internet sevices, C# Programming, Databases and Database Design, Web Programming, Mobile web applications, Programming Wordpress

Jan 2014-June 2014

Luleå University of Technology

Internet Web Design with CMS

Business and user analysis, Information structures and usage flow analysis, Navigation and Information Retrieval, User-centered design, Content Management System

Feb 2014-June 2014

Mälardalen University

Information Design - Web Design

Web design with HTML5 and CSS3, Content analysis, Project methods

October 2013

Euroling (EpiServer)

SiteSeeker Administration

Search Engine Optimazation. Enhance visitor experience by analysing search statistics.

October 2012


Project Management

The project model, Project phases, Budgeting, Gantt chart and other tools, Project Manager - role and leadership



  • 75%
  • 60%
  • 75%
  • 95%


  • HTML and CSS
  • Magento
  • JS and PHP
  • EpiServer


  • Muay Thai
  • Crossfit
  • Bike racing
  • Running


April 2016-Present

Swedol AB

Content Manager

My responsibilities include newsletters and other sales driven digital media and is working with design improvements and changes for Swedol's Swedish and Norwegian e-commerce sites. I ensure that the site follows the marketing plan and is in line with Swedol's communication strategy. I work with content marketing and SEO related activities, as well as content strategy.

Aug 2010-April 2016

Memira Holding AB

Web Communicator

I worked with internal communication where the intranet was my main responsibility and also the company's main communication channel. I was Editor in Chief of Memira's intranet in four countries and led the web editors from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. My responsibilities included training, maintenance, technical support and further development of the site.
I also created, edited and published online video with the Dreambroker software.

Jan 2007-Aug 2010

AcadeMedia Eductus AB

Administrative Coordinator and Office Manager

I was responsible for the national student application process with around 2000 applicants. Website updates for AcadeMedia Masters was my job and I handled all the administration and organization around the classes that were located in Stockholm. In the the work around advertising campaigns and the production of advertisements and course catalog, I worked close together with the marketing department with the preparation of texts and images.

Aug 2002-Jan 2007

Negocio de familia

Full-time Mom

During this period i further developed my coordination skills, with two small children to take care of, while I was working extra as a mail sorter in the early mornings and in geriatric care at evenings and weekends.

Sep 2001-June 2002


Project Manager

Supervision and coordination of deliveries and subcontractors, material ordering and contacts with architects, building permits administrators and house contractor.